CRG National is a full service commercial furniture dealership featuring a unique business model designed to deliver premium quality interior solutions while providing substantial savings to our end use clients. Our business model features Remanufactured Knoll furniture at a substantial discount to new. The Remanufactured business model is similar to the Certified Pre-Owned concept in the Auto industry and as such, Knoll would be the equivalent to Mercedes. CRG National is a Joint Venture Partner with one of the largest pre-owned Knoll Remanufacturer’s in the United States.

We start with product that is award winning in design and coveted by end users and the design community for quality. Knoll office furniture is one of the most highly specified product lines by designers and architects across the US. We are one of the largest buyers of pre-owned Knoll and maintain one of the largest inventories in the country.

What is “Remanufactured” and why is it important to understand how it is different from “Refurbished”? As a dealer of Remanufactured product, the key differences are that we specialize in one manufacturer Knoll and are recognized across the US as one of the largest buyers. This allows us to offer Standardization, the ability to buy the same product years into the future. The knock on Pre-Owned or Refurbished has always been two things, you can’t standardize and you are most always missing trim or can’t replace it in the future. As a Remanufacturer, we manufacture many pieces that commonly require replacement and can respond much more quickly. Remanufactured by definition, takes premium quality pre-owned components and restores them to Like New condition by replacing any worn parts, replacing exterior finishes and restoring wood veneer.

What’s in it for me, the customer? A Best in Class, premium Knoll furniture solution at a substantial discount (Often 40% to 50%) as compared to buying new. You realize substantial savings in your budget that reduces falls straight to your bottom line or the savings allow you to upgrade other finish options in your space within your initial budget. Either way, you benefit substantially.

Does CRG National sell New Furniture Also? CRG National offers Premium quality New Furniture featuring Inscape ( Inscape is a 125 Year Old American company best known for Award winning design (4 Gold, 1 Silver Best of NeoCon Awards 2014) of Systems Furniture, Storage, Seating and Demountable Wall systems. The United States Pentagon is furnished with Inscape furniture.

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